10 Situations I wish I had Carrycut

When I first learned about Carrycut, a number of situations in which I could have used it came to mind. The same thing happens every time I tell someone about it too, both by future private users and businesses.

Here are some of them:

  1. That time I travelled to Trysil but forgot my skis at my parent’s house.
  2. When my company borrowed some very heave lighting equipment and I had no way to transport it, so we ended up having to pay the rental costs…
  3. When I buy things from Tise but don’t have time or transport means to pick them up.
  4. When my fridge broke and had some troubles both transporting the new one and delivering the old one to Norsirk for proper disposal.
  5. When I moved and the previous owner left old things in storage and I had no way to dispose of them.
  6. When last year, at Christmas, I sent some gifts but they only arrived after the 25th due to how busy the post office is during the holidays.
  7. Just 2 weeks ago, when I didn’t pay attention to when the Christmas trees would be collected in my area of residency and had to dispose of it myself. What a mess…
  8. When I go vintage-furniture hunting to flee markets in the city centre and then have to carry my “new” dresser in the bus and everyone looks funny at me.
  9. When I needed a dress for a party and borrowed one from SoBo, but didn’t have time to pick it up before the event.
  10. When transport companies travel with empty space in their trucks and therefore loose money and add other cars to the road to transport the goods they didn’t.

Can you come up with other examples?


Magic happens when the right pieces come together.