Your marketplace for freight. Directly from your mobile
Want to send something from A to B easy and affordable?

It has never been easier to send your goods. With just a few clicks you share your transport mission on the Carrycut marketplace.

You decide which driver gets the mission, based on recommendations, availability, price and transport type.

As a receiver you decide where and when

It has never been easier to get your goods or deliveries home.

With Carrycut you can track where your goods are, and agree directly with the transporter when you are available to receive the goods.

Transporters, change is coming

It has never been easier to get new transport missions.

Based on the Carrycut matching algorithm you can optimize your route at all times, to get the best route on a daily basis.

New missions will automatically be recommended based on where you are going, so that you at all time can include new missions into your route.

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