To collaborate with companies that send stuff is an important part of Carrycuts market strategy. Most of the companies Carrycut is in contact with look at transportation as a challenge or a problem. Carrycut wants to make transportation an opportunity to increase customer experience for your company. Besides this Carrycut collaborates with several actors to bring our services to the world.

If your company see Carrycut as a solution for some of your transportation challenges – please contact us at


The Research Council of Norway

The Research Council of Norway works to add value to the research system by facilitating research that actors in the system could not successfully achieve working on their own. Carrycut is supported by the Research Council of Norway several times and the Council will in 2017 partly fund the research project we do together with SINTEF on radio tracking of packages in a Physical Internet.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Innovation Norway supports companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation. Carrycut got funding from Innovation Norway two times during 2016 and are still in close collaboration in 2017.


Cefalo is a Norwegian consultancy and offshoring company with the main services and development department in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company offers software development and maintenance services mainly for European clients.