Carrycut started in 2015 with Torger and Børge wanting to use our work experience to create something which would bring people closer, be bleeding edge technology and green. Børge came from logistics and Torger from IT and telecom. The plan to create a digital marketplace for freight transport was born.

Over the next months our close friends Bjørn, Julie, Christian and Odd Torstein was invited along. All of a sudden we had a very competent team. Funding was provided by Innovation Norway. Our concept was tested talking with everyone from the guy in the street to the biggest companies in the country. Partnering with Cefalo whom we knew from before and a fabulous designer, Linn from Graphiq, we built what we had planned.

A technical market pilot of the Carrycut app was launched in March 2017. Doing rigorous testing and having continuous releases we delivered a stable version in January 2018. Thanks a lot to everyone who has downloaded our app and started to use it. You are helping us making magic happen!

Being so fortunate to meet the guys from Startupmatcher we found a way to grow not just an ordinary team but an international team. Luisa, Biljana, Laura, Mohsin, Manasi, Christiane, Ivan and Martine all came from different countries. At the same time we were very proud to partner with companies like NORSIRK, FLOKK, TOBB, Tise and SOBO. Now the journey continues towards the goals we originally set out.


Børge Kjeldstad


Has worked with logistics for Det Norske Veritas (DNV), The Royal Norwegian Navy and the research institute MARINTEK.

Has been involved in three company start-ups and is a professional painter artist. The creative engine in Carrycut.

Before starting in Carrycut Børge came from the position as Project Manager in DNV GL.

Børge speaks Norwegian, English, Spanish, German and limited French.

Torger Kjeldstad

Cand. Philol. Informatics, MBA, Chairman of the Board and Technical Advisor

15 years of experience from Telecom and IT, where the last 10 are from different management positions in Telenor and Dagens Næringsliv. Within Telenor Torger was responsible for developing and launching some of the most popular Norwegian mobile apps. He also managed core self service activities and channel development in Telenor.

Currently Torger is Head of Software Development at Norway’s third largest newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv.

Torger speaks Norwegian, English and German.

Bjørn Johan Bye

Cand. Polit, Economics, CFO

Experience in corporate management, strategy development, business cases & controlling.

Specialties: Identifying strategic opportunities, and project planning/management. Business (process) modelling, and business case development. Strong reasoning skills.

Bjørn is currently Chief Risk Officer in Danica Pensjon.

Bjørn speaks Norwegian and English.

Advisory Board:

Julie Rafn

MSc, UX expert and advisor

Highly experienced User Experience (UX) expert. Julie is today Business Proposal manager at Asplan Viak AS and owner of Rafn Consulting.

Previous positions covers Mobile Portal Manager in Telia Soneria, Usability Manager in Telenor Nordic Mobile, Advisor in Telenor R&D, and designer for Zonavi AS and Canal Digital.

Julie speaks Norwegian, English, French, Spanish, German and some Italian and Portuguese.

Christian Meland


Highly business oriented leader. Analytical and creative, effective and expecting the best from myself and others.

Specialties: Performance management, strategy, stakeholder management, business control, data warehouse (DWH) design, customer value optimization, CRM, IAS39/IFRS in relation to credit, profitability analysis, business set-up.

Currently Christian is Head of Credit Risk and Analytics at SpareBank 1 Kredittkort AS.

Christian speaks Norwegian and English.

Odd Torstein Mørkve

MSc, Marine Technology
MSc, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Has more than 25 years’ experience as researcher, research manager and consultant within the subject area logistics and supply chain optimization. Specialties: Risk- and vulnerability assessment of multimodal logistics systems (technical, operational, organizational and financial risks), supply chain optimization with regards to costs and environmental impact, project management and project control of multi-client national and international projects within the subject areas logistics optimization and risk assessments.

Currently Odd Torstein is Senior Advisor at Proactima AS. Odd Torstein speaks Norwegian and English.