What is physical internet?

Carrycut creates a physical internet app for transporting goods. But what exactly is this physical internet we keep talking about?

Physical Internet is made of connected carriers which form local or wide area transport networks.

With the physical internet you can send and receive your things as easily as you stream movies and music. Should you send something you just have to make a thingcast. Think podcast.

Let’s imagine you want to have something carried from your store:

  • You start captura-de-ecra%cc%83-2016-11-10-as-16-24-51a mission with a thingcast in which you post that you want to transport something from your store to the customer.
  • Carriers in the physical internet will then introduce themselves to you. – You do not have to look for them.

The same goes if you want to send something from you to another person

Because Carrycut uses personalization, the thingcast will be offered to the best suited carriers. And then it’s up to you to decide!

This decision can be done by using our rating system, which we will introduce and discuss on a future post.

To have a better understanding of how this new concept can help reduce both costs and environmental impact, take a look at the video made by The European Technology Platform ALICE (Alliance for Logistics Innovation through collaboration in Europe). ETP ALICE supports that this technology won’t be available today, however, Carrycut is working against that premiss and will introduce it to the public in January of 2017, through the launch of our app.

For more questions about the physical internet or about us, please get in touch with us through email at contact@carrycut.com or through facebook.

Magic happens when the right pieces come together.